Lost Eyesight

I went to Utah for a few days to attend the LDS-NHA homeschooling conference. When I got to my hotel on Thursday night I took out my contacts and went searching for my glasses. I couldn't find them. I know I brought them, because I remember packing them very carefully so they wouldn't break. I was blind! Ok, maybe in my nervousness about flying I forgot to packed them. I'll just looked for them at home. Well I got home and went searching for them. No luck. They aren't in my house!

I don't wonder if they aren't at the airport. I know they open bags to check them and my bag was packed very full and they could have fallen out. It really doesn’t matter where they are because they are lost and I can't see when I take my contacts out. I found my old spare pair, but they just give me a head ache.

Now, what does this have to do with the homeschooling conference I went to? I lost my eyesight. I lost sight of the end…I was near sighted; just like in real life. I forgot my long range goals for homeschooling my children. I forgot that homeschooling in my family is about relationships and not about education. I forgot that the best things I can teach my children are the gospel, patience, love, long-suffering, dedication, responsibilities and that family comes first. All that is more important than algebra, history, science and grammar. I lost my glasses. The spare pair I had been using was giving me a head ache. I'm so glad I went and had my prescription adjusted.

Now I have to get my physical pair adjusted and I will be back in business.