Don't Focus on the Trees or Don't Focus on the Stones

When I took skiing lessons six months ago, the instructor told me to not look at the trees because I would definitely hit them. My physical therapist, who rides a bike, tells me not to look at the stones when I'm discourage with the lack of progress. I must remember not to look at the trees or the stones or I will hit them.

Last weekend I attended the LDS-NHA homeschool conference where Lori Scovill told us that the best way to change negative behavior in our children (and us) is to look for the positive and not say a word about the negative. She said to "catch them doing something good" and then tell them about it. Celebrate the positive!

In other words quit looking for the trees or you will hit them. If you look at the stones you will hit them. I don't know if you have ever hit a tree while skiing or hit a stone while riding a bike, but I know from experience that when you hit a stone it hurts. My bloody ten year old face remembers how hard the cement hurts when you hit a stone while riding a bike. I still can feel the bean size lump in my lip when I think about it.

I want to avoid hitting that tree or stone, so I'm going to focus between the trees and down the hill. I'm not going to hit the trees. I'm going to try to see the positive things my children do and "catch" them doing it and then celebrate it!

Lori Scovill taught us a "happy dance" that her daughters made up to celebrate when they do something right. She has even done it with her grown daughters in the middle of Target. That must be a scene and I want to do it too. I think it is time for us to make our own "happy dance." We need to celebrate our successfully ride down the hill.