I Believe in Miracles

A week before the 6th WALDSFE conference I sent an email to the other board member, Robin, to ask her what thoughts were about a new idea I had to fix a problem I thought we had; no one showing up for the annual WALDSFE conference. My idea was to hold three or four mini conferences in my home. We have a rather large basement and could put 20, maybe even 30 people down there in a classroom setting. We have a large screen TV that is hooked up for Power Point presentations. If we need it we could even put a smaller class in my family room. This sounds like a great solution to WALDSFE's financial problem. Our problem is a simple one. It costs close to $4,000 to put on the yearly homeschool conference, even with a switch to a less expensive venue, and we just don't have the number of people we need to pay for the conference.

But a miracle happened June 10th in Redmond, Washington. I had about 60 people pre-register and for the conference and in the past only about 20 show up for at the door registration. I prepared for such, but I think there was 40 who showed up at the door. I also had two extra vendors appear in the last week or two to help our cash flow. In fact even though the deli screwed up my order and charged us more for the sandwiches (I checked back in March they were less than $6 and by conference time they were over $6) I think we made money this year. That will hopefully make up for the past six years when we were in the red.

But even more than the financial boost, this conference was one that just made my heart sing. We had a great set of presenters. Everyone spoke with such conviction and with the Spirit. The vendors were just awesome. The attendees were even better! But to top if off for me was the set of teens that showed up. I got to be with them for three of the hours and they just were awesome!

I don't know who it was who leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, "Thank you," while my friend Jolene speak. I had made up my mind to announce that we are going to do the idea I had proposed to my board member. Dang it! If I didn't have the Spirit whisper to me, "not yet, not yet." I took the microphone and broke down. How could I tell these faithful parents that we aren't doing this again? How could I look into those eyes and say I won't share my knowledge, passion and experience?

The jury is still out as my husband would like me to take a break if not for the financial reason at least for the time and energy that I give up. I'm thinking of maybe doing both. A few mini conferences here at my house and a major conference. I just can't give up preaching the gospel of homeschooling because I believe in miracles.