It's Discrimination

I'm outraged! I'm discriminated against because I have a large family. We have been going on a month of coughs, slight fevers, runny noses and all the common winter colds. Every time I go to the store to buy over the counter medicine state law comes smacking me in my face.

"I'm sorry ma'am, you can only purchase two of these," as he holds up the latest and greatest in over the counter cold fighting drug. State law has it that you can only by so much medicine at one store. Depending on the store you might even have to show your driver's license.

I think I know every drug store in the great Redmond area. When you consider I have six sick kids, plus myself, we go through bottles and jars of medicine.

I'm just hoping that when the state medicine police come they will see the trash full of tissue, runny noses, hear the coughs and run like wild fire; my kids can cough well at six paces.