One Hundred Twenty-one Miles

Every Tuesday I fill up my gas tank just after my therapy appointment. When I do this I reset the trip odometer to see how far I go on a tank of gas. I noticed that last Tuesday I drove 121 miles before I called it quits for the day.

Let see where I went.
Home from therapy in Bellevue
Jason's drum lessons in Redmond
Jessie music class in Redmond
Pick Kray and Andrea up from class & drop her off in Redmond
Jessie's ballet class in Duvall
Mike, Matt and Chris art class in Redmond
Kray and Jason to theater class in Duvall (pick up Jessie)
Pick up Mike, Matt and Chris at art class in Redmond
Back to Duvall to pick up Kray and Jason
Drop Kray and Jason off at game night in Redmond (but it is almost Bellevue)
Run by a pizza shop to get dinner
Run by library to drop off over due library books.
Home--finally (hopefully I don't have to go and get Kray and Jason at 10)

And to think I didn't go anywhere--just drove 121 miles today!