A Success

Yesterday I went "under the knife" so to speak. I had a procedure called a Nuerotomy. In layman's terms I had three nerves in my neck killed to stop the pain cycle so that I can heal.

Everything went fine and I'm still alive, but there was a hiccup in the procedure. In the middle of the procedure the ironing board size table I was on was bumped and I woke up. The trouble with that is that I'm a light-weight when it come to narcotics. Just a little goes a LONG way. But I'm so nervous going into things like this that they have to put me further under than most people. Well, they had to use a bit more to put me out after the bumping. This became a problem when they wanted me to wake up in the recovery room. It took me a bit longer to wake up and when I did my blood pressure dropped. It was a bit scary for a minute, but they pumped me with other drugs to counteract the narcotics used to put me out.

So it took a bit longer to wake up than they would have liked, but I made it home. I now have three small holes in my back where the needles went in to burn the nerves. I am very hopeful that what they did will help me break the pain cycle so that healing can progress.

I now must stop writing because the codeine from my pain killer is kicking in and I want to go to sleep.