It's a Wonderful Life

The other day I came home from my early morning physical therapy session to a house full of wonder. My 8 year old son was enthusiastically playing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" on the piano in the living room. I was hearing, "Mom's home" from my 5 year old daughter as she bounded down the stairs in her princess dress of choice for the day. I saw my 14 year old son at the breakfast table with his elbows firmly planted on the sports section of the newspaper, empty bowl pushed aside and glass half full of room temperature milk. His 12 year old brother was downstairs talking rather loud about how it was his turn for the washing machine and "someone needed to get his clothes moved over." My 6 year old son was on the family room floor with his eyes stuck to the comics asking his 10 year old brother to read them to him as he is just beginning to read and needs help with the big words. I heard a burst of laughter as the joke was read. My sweet little dog came rushing from his look out on the back of the living room couch begging to be petted and welcoming me back home. My dear sweet husband walked up from downstairs, planted a kiss on my lips and smiling said, "Good morning. They are all yours."

I stood in the front hallway with my purse still on my shoulder, little princess arms wrapped tightly around my legs with her rosy cheeks begging for a good morning kiss. I wanted to open the front door and yell, "IT IS A WONDERFUL LIFE! EAT YOUR HEART OUT GEORGE BAILEY!"

I truly live a wonderful life.
Six kids
One husband
One dog
One bird
Countless fish
One warm and safe house
Food on the table
and bells ringing continually telling me "It's a wonderful life."