The Intimidator

In our church there is a body of people who help run the congregation; each with a responsibility over part of the congregation. One sister helps run the organization for the teenage girls. One sister runs the organization for the young children. One brother runs the organization for a group of men. I sit on this council over parties for our congregation. Now I haven't been in this congregation very long, just six months, but they asked me to do this so I'm trying my best.

One night while my husband and I were out to dinner I was asking him about ideas for parties for our congregation (we call them wards). I told him a few of the ideas I had on my list. He added a few more and we began talking about them. We had fun joking around with silly and goofy ideas. We then started talking about one of the hardest and most challenging part of the job: the Christmas party.

I told him my ideas and also the conversation we had just had at our council meeting. I wanted to do one type of party and during the meeting it was brought up that there would be no Santa at our party. I personally did not think there should be a Santa at our party, it was a party about the birth of the Savior not Santa Claus and eight tiny reindeer. They talked about how sad the children will be and disappointed the parents would be. I stiffened my backbone and said, "NO!" I would gladly do a breakfast with Santa if that was needed, but I didn't want to have Santa at the party I was planning.

My husband looked over the table and said, "You know Doreen, you can be intimidating." I asked where he got that idea from. (Of course living with me for the past 16 plus years might have had something to do with it.) But he had heard that in the council meetings I was a bit intimidating. I was flabbergasted! ME! Intimidating? You've got to be crazy.

Well, I guess I'm not all that stupid. I am intimidating. I have certain ideas and I want them done the way I want them done. No "if's, and's or but's" about it!

The Intimidator

PS: there was no Santa at my party!