The fire is warm

I love a fire. I love looking into a roaring fire. I love watching it burn down to wonderful coals and I love looking at the white hot coals left by a fire.
When I was a little girl my house didn't havd a fireplace (talk about confussing a little girl who believed in Santa. Thankfully we left the front door unlocked on December 24th) but I didn't let the lack of fireplace from stopping my imagination. I remember getting a box and drawing a fire on the box so I could have my fire. I loved going camping and getting the fire roaring, warming up each side, smelling like a good wood fire as I slipped inside a sleeping bag and then waking to a warm fire in the morning. Talk about heaven!
I remember one camping trip when I was still rather young where a spark from the fire landed in my eye. My older brothers held me under the ice cold running water flushing out my eye. You would think that would stop me from being close to a fire, but no, I love getting close to a fire.
Now that I'm big and own a mortgage we have a fire place. Living where the eletricity is guaranteed to go out at least three or four times during the winter we have put a gas insert into our fireplace. One would think the romance and atmosphere of having a fire would be lost. But it isn't lsot or even diminished. With little children it was a safe choice as well. We can be safe in the winter, warm when the power goes out and always have a warm fire to cuddle in front of.
The only thing better than a warm fire is to have someone you love share it with you. Thankful I have a housefull of people to share it with. Of course my favorite person to share it with is my husband and way too many times we don't get to sit in front of the fire just the two of us, but that is the price you pay when you have six children in the house. Next on my list are my children. I love having my little ones snuggle in my lap as we talk around the fire. My older children are physically too big to fit in my lap anymore (they will soon crush me) but I can sit next to them and talk.
What a great picture; parents and children talking. I think conversation is a lost art. We are too busy to sit down and just talk. It is one thing to go through the check list of places to be during the day or week, but it is still another to just sit down and share feelings, emotions, testimony, concerns, worries, dreams and desires.
When was the last time you sat around a warm fire with your children just communicating with them?
I think I'll put it on my schedule to do with my children....let see.....maybe next week...yes, I see a day free.