April 18, 2016, Fun in the Sun, Fechas, Little Thimbles

Hi mom,

This was a long week. We worked for a long time and talked to anyone and everyone, but nothing came of it for the most part. We found two new investigators, but one we talked to a week before and just forgot to run by when we said we would and the other is an old man who recently lost his wife. He's cool, but likes to talk a lot and is really catholic, so we'll see what happens there. I hope he accepts it and is able to enjoy the blessings of the sealing power of the priesthood. The other investigators a teenage girl who has changed the citas a few times, but that's a good sign because she remembered them and got in touch with us to make the changes

We also set some more fechas this week with N* and J*. They're two little kids we're teaching with their mom. The mom  was cooking for the grandpa, who lives next door and in whose house we teach, but we're going to get here a fecha here soon. We taught them the restoration. Turns out that their dad could be a less active member. If that's true, N*(who's only 8) is a child of record and not our investigator ni our fecha, but that's okay. Until we know for sure, she's on our records as an investigator and a fecha.

We also had an exchange this week. It was my first time being with an english speaking missionary (meaning he didn't know or study Spanish at all) it was fun. We were in our area, so I did most of the talking when we found Hispanics. it was fun, but a little weird. The next day we did a split with the Zone Leaders so Elder Wall (my companion and district leader) could give an interview a the investigator of the zone leaders for baptism. She passed and was baptized and confirmed on Saturday and Sunday. We also had an investigator come to church!

I also made Little thimbles with Garlic toast/bread. It was soooo good. A little trip home for the 3 days we ate it. (thank's mom for the recipes)

That's about it


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to serve my king.

Elder Michael Blanding doing what he does best: EAT

Elder Michael Blanding doing what he does best: EAT

[He copied this from his best friend's email to him and wanted to share it. His best friend, Elder Peart comes home in two-ish months:]

Am i excited? yes, i'm excited, but i'm not excited to stop doing missionary work. I'm excited to get more than 7 hours of sleep and to have a day off. I'm excited to go to college and to progress in that aspect, i'm excited to do lots of stuff. But no, i'm not ready to stop being a missionary. It is too much a part of my life at this point to be excited to stop. It's kind of like asking an old person if they're excited to die... Not the right question to ask.