April 11, 2016, Zone Conference

Hi mom.

First, THANK YOU FOR THE C-PAP!!!! It's super nice and yes I'm going to take care of it. It's my only way to have good sleep. Still getting caught up on it (for those of you following along at home, I have sleep apnea and therefor have recently acquired a C-pap to get rid of this, details at 11).

This week was fun. We did a lot of teaching and taught a few investigators that we gained from the new part of the area (we took over part of Elder Sosa's and Elder Gatica's area on Tuesday.) They're super cool and we're hoping to baptize them this month, but we have to teach them and we don't know how much they are willing to omit to things. We also taught a grandma who has a fecha for the 14 (pray for (not to) Guadalupe por favor), she really wants to be baptized (has asked more then once what she needs to do to be baptized) and so we're shooting for the 14. She can't read and needs a ride to church, so we're working on that.

Friday, we had a zone conference with elder Zeballos de Chili and his wife. He's a 70 and it was super cool. One of the best things she said was advice I think is good for all, that is "remember who you are" (please put Mufasa's (ohh) voice to the quote). He talked about how we need to make choices that will lead to better ones in the future, also about mountain climbing with his sons in a desert. it's 11. yep, I got my C-pap right after the meeting (p.s. I LOVE SISTER ANDERSON). To get the c-pap to me, she went to the ups store in person, then drove it down to the San Fernando stake center. From there we took it home, set it up (was pretty easy) she'd already bought the distilled water. That night I used it, but the mask was poorly adjusted, so I fixed it on Saturday and had my best nights rest in months that day, just in time for stake conference We also saw a little Yorkie! (sorry mom, no picture, but i did hold if for a bit. Man, i miss Alex and Roxy)

Sunday, was conference and no one showed:( so we just listened to the speakers (really good) and then went back to work. We saw another cute dog named ursio. A little white 2 month old puppy. see picture. that night I used the c-pap, but half way though just took it off for no reason (in my sleep) and woke up to it just blowing. Half awake i turned it off and lied in bed until, about 30-45 minutes after, I woke up enough to realize I need that to sleep well, so i turned it back on for the last few minutes. Now I am sitting here writing and reading e-mails. Only about 30 minutes until i have to go, but I will be here until the end.


Elder Mike Blanding

Called to Serve my King