July 27, 2015, Weekly Madness, Two Exchanges and Skin Stealing

Hi mom.

This week was fun, but nothing crazy happened.

We started with interviews with President Henrie and an exchange on Wednesday with the Assistants, Elder Weinheimer went to Santa Clarita with Elder Stern and Elder Page came down here with me. Interviews were really good. I wanted to focus on teaching simply, by the spirit, and using the pamphlets. It was super cool, we found four new investigators that day and a lot of potentials. I'll be honest, I kind of wanted to go back up to Santa Clarita, but it was better that I stayed here.

Next we did weekly planning and I showed Elder Weinheimer the picture book of my family. He thinks that of all the kids, I'm the only one who stole your skin (meaning Mom).

On Friday we had another exchange, this time with the District Leader. I went with Elder McKinney (the District Leader) and Elder Florez and Elder Weinheimer stayed here. It was fun, but I think dinner was the most memorable. We had a lesson with a less active member that turned into a random member cena. Near the end, we were sharing the spiritual thought and I mentioned that I was Home Schooled. The hermana thought it was the weirdest thing. She went on about it for like five solid minutes, about how only homicidal and stupid kids were homeschooled in her country. She then started admiring my hair and saying it look really nice. (I promise, this whole admiration of how I look isn't going to my head, It's just weird that it's happened. I think that's the 20th time someone's admired my hair). It then turned into a bash on the Book of Mormon by her husband as we testified of it's truth (He's not a member).

We then did service on Saturday to finish the exchange and then we went out and worked for a little bit, but nothing much happened.

On Sunday we had church and knocked a few doors. The first door we knocked invited us in and we talked for an hour about the church. Not a new investigator because we didn't pray or teach him anything (He just wanted to ask us questions and combat our beliefs with the Bible). We probably could have used time better, but we'd talked to him before and he seemed solid, so we thought we'd try again. Fun part was he was watching soccer, Puebla contra algun otro equipo. Puebla gana! (PUEBLA WON! YEH JASON!) That's kind of how it ended.

Oh, I forgot. On Tuesday, we ran into this white man named P*. He didn't seem interested at all. He actually started the conversation by saying "My daughter's Mormon, but I'm defiantly not." Elder Weinheimer's from Denver and he said his daughter lived there for a little bit. When we heard that Elder Weinheimer said, "I'm form Denver." He said to wait for him to take out the trash and then we talked for an hour, found out he was a personal chef. He gave us some cooking tips and then invited us back (sort of) some other day and he'd cook us a dinner we picked out at like noon and we'd work all day and report to him how we did. I'm thinking we have to take him up on that offer. Non threatening way to talk about the gospel and easy way to have a gourmet meal cooked for us.


Weight 188 lbs, going to start trying to lose weight again.

Yes, I get to see the people from Van Nuys every now and then. We share a chapel, so I have the chance to see them every Wednesday and Sunday.

Elder Weinheimer and I have been getting along fantastic. We both like to sing and he's really good at it, so we just need to learn a song together and then we'd be able to sing together. I'm thinking "Glorious" would be a good song to learn (Wink Wink) ;)

I think that's all. If I forgot anything let me know, you have more then an hour to respond

Con Amor

Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve my King

Elder Michael Blanding and Elder Weinheimer

Elder Michael Blanding and Elder Weinheimer