September 7, 2015, Cold, Miracles come from Obedience (who knew?)

Hi Mom,

I know it's been sooooooo long since the last time I emailed, sorry, we've been really busy ;)

Now on a more serious note, we really have been busy. Last Wednesday, we got the AC fixed and so it's now really cold in the apartment (I'm going to die back home and if I don't, Idaho will surely kill me.) We didn't do much after emailing. Ran to a guitar center and I nearly bought a used base to send home, but didn't. Please don't sell mine. We also went bowling and then ran to dinner, coordination, and then home because we didn't have anything else to do.

Elder Michael Blanding second from the left in back.

Elder Michael Blanding second from the left in back.

Thursday we had ZTM and because we're running low on cars in our zone, we were at the stake center for a little bit waiting for a ride home. Then we ran to lessons, but they all fell through.

On Friday we found a new family that started investigating the church. They're really cool. We talked for an hour, during which time we shared the restoration in 15-25 minutes and got to know them really well, we're meeting with them again this Friday. We found them because President Henrie asked us to knock around less active members during knock out, and we followed his council, got into an apartment we've never been able to enter, found like 60 futuros and the family. We then finally got to teach a family we've been trying to teach for a few weeks now. They're really cool and are antiguos so we're hopping that we can help them progress to baptism quickly. Se llama la familia G* after that we had dinner from a member and it was tamales estila guatalteca. They were good.

Saturday, we took out the bikes and rode to the farthest street of our area to run by a member. We didn't find the member, but we did find a new investigator! He's cool, I hope he proves to be good. He works building parts for airplanes, so that's cool. After that we found a house that has a moat. The family that lives there isn't interested, but the house if really cool. We then had dinner planned with hermana Cordero, but hermano Guancin (who usually helps with these dinners) couldn't help, so we just took the meal home. Then we finally had a second lesson with familia T*, who we teach in spanglish because we talk to them in los dos idiomas. It's always a fun lesson. This was just our second lesson, but we set a fecha for the 27th of septembre and they also said they'd be at church.

But when Sunday came, they didn't show. The dad was called into work. Please pray that they can make it to church from now until the 27th so they can be baptized. They really are that cool, just hard to get together with. I guess pray that they can find more time to meet with us. I also played the piano for sacrament. I actually did pretty good. Still just melody lines, but still it was good. We also had President and Sister Henrie in our sacrament, which just added to the stress, but I felt comfortable so I played rather well. After, we did some visits with members of the consejo del barrio to menos activos. It was fun, but because it was fast Sunday, we were hungry and thirsty all day. We had a member meal with Hermana Cordero and Hermano Guacin to end our fast and then we walked home to do studies. all in all, it was a good week.

new metas, I want to have a six pack at the end of this month and I want to be able to play la primera navidad with both hands. I've also recommitted to only speaking Spanish, so from now on, unless it's necessary that I speak English, I'm speaking Spanish. Pray for this goal


weight loss; 176lds

spanish days; 5/5

Con amor,

Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve my King