September 2, 2015, HOT! Member of the 70 Mission Conference. LONG week. not much else

HI Mom,

This was a really hot week. Our AC brock down sometime in the night between last Wednesday and Thursday, so it's been like an oven in our apartment (the picture tells a story, yes it's the actual temperature.)  The start of the week was slow, not much happened.

On Tuesday, we met a joven (young man) who was smoking. His name is I*, and he's 19. We stopped to talk to him, and right away he said he wanted to know how he can be forgiven for his mistakes (his words, but I think I heard 'Sins" a little louder) so we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which talks about repentance) and invited him to be baptized when he knows more. He agreed, and we then set up an appointment for Thursday.

Wednesday nothing happened.

Thursday we ran to the lesson (after dying of heat in the apartment during studies and buying new batteries for the AC unit that only allowed the thing to tell us how FREAKING HOT IT WAS!) and we half expected nothing to come from the appointment, and even if he was there we didn't expect him to remember much. But we went, and he was there! So we asked him what he remembered. He'd remembered a lot and we were shocked to hear he had done what we'd asked him to. So we taught the Restoration and this Kid is smart! He understood everything really well. So we invited him to be baptized in three weeks, and HE ACCEPTED! Unfortunately, we have to reset the date, because he didn't come to church.

Friday we didn't do much, just walked, talked and died of heat exhaustion (Not really).

Saturday was more of the same.

Sunday, I gave a talk in church on Service and I might have talked too long (Ops.) We then ran by some appointments, but they all fell through, so we had dinner with Elder Engle (rimes with Pringle, and he's District leader) and Elder Flores before going to a fireside with Elder James Hamula of the 70. (P.s. Jason, talves le conoce a su hijo. El esta serviendo en Puebla, Mixico norte y va a regresar esta marzo, pienso. Tiene el mismo apallido)

We then had a mission conference with Elder James Hamula (ham-mula) of the 70 on Monday. It was really good and we learned a lot about having faith in the work and working with faith. After the conference we went by some investigators. We ran by Familia T* and THEY WERE THERE!!! We got in the door again and asked how things were going. Every things good and we set up a return appointment for tomorrow at7:30 and hopefully the bishop will be able to help with the lesson, he's in the same line of business, plumbing.

Tuesday we knocked a very white neighborhood, got in the door for the second time with an investigator, and ran into a really sweet potential we'd planed (with them) to teach later, but she said to come by on Friday for a better time.

That's my LONG week in review. Not much happened but it was fun.

Write you again in a couple of days, This week will be so quick

Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve my King.