October 13, 2015, Long Week, Old Friends, Car Fire

Hi mom,

As I'm sitting here thinking about last week I'm struck with a realization... NOTHING FREAKING HAPPENED!

We started the week by knocking the last door in the area that we hadn't knocked. We have, as of Tuesday, officially knocked EVERY FREAKING DOOR IN OUR LITTLE AREA. Now, we have six (well, now five) weeks to Re-knock doors and have the same people say No to us that said no last time. On the up side. We know that will be the answer, so we have nothing to lose. We might just be in for five weeks of Elder Blanding doing really stupid things just to keep himself (and hopefully his companion) from going crazy.

We also had weekly planning and district meeting flipped, so We did planning on Tuesday and district meeting on Friday (it's supposed to be Thursday, but with the change in the mission set up {bringing the two sides (Spanish and English) together} President Henrie wanted the Zone leaders at all the meeting) At district meeting we got new cell phones and guess what... its the same peace of junk phone I had at home. It's both cool and weird, but mostly it's annoying because it make no since and we don't know how to use it. We also are the manliest district in the mission three companionships and all of them are elders.

Nothing more happened until Monday. It was Columbus day so the libraries were all closed (that's why this is a day late) so we ran to Costco (on the way a car caught on fire.... It wasn't ours, but we did see it and it was pretty cool) and then we went and ate pizza at Elder Wall's and Elder Raymond's apartment. It was taste. Elder Weinheimer and I bought and ate a pizza a piece. YUM.

That really is all that happened this week.

Ops. forgot. Elder Gonzalez and Elder Blakely came back to the mission on Sunday. They were at church and came to say "hi" during sacrament. It was cool. Latter they showed up in our area because Elder Blakely started here and he wanted to say hi to his investigators/member friends. Cool stuff. We also had two more people at dinner with Carmen. Josh Hunter (he's the Elder I was going to be companions with, but he went home before I got here) was back in town so he came to dinner with us and he brought his brother along. His brother didn't speak Spanish, but he does speak German (served in Germany) and Josh does speak Spanish. He's not perfect at it, but he is good. A little practice and some studding and he'd be really good.


Elder Michael Blanding

Called to Serve my King