April 20, 2015, Transfer Calls, S*'s Baptism, Sitting Around the Apartment And A*

Hi Mom,

Saturday we got Transfer Calls, I'm leaving (mixed emotions about that). And what's more, I'm going car (Yes I'm going to be in a car, and again mixed emotions). I don't know where. We don't find out until the Tuesday of transfers when we find out who's our new companion.

Other than that, this weeks was pretty unpacked. Elder Joyner was sick, all week, so we were in the apartment for most of the time. When we weren't in that apartment, we had meetings or lessons, so I don't have to many stories from this week.

As for S*, she has a Baptism...le fecha!!!! Yes it's the like the fifth one she's had, but I'm pretty sure she'll make it this time. It's for May 3rd, the only sad part is I'm not going to be here to watch it. She's kind-of bummed I can't do it, but all I can say is you should have done it sooner (not really, be ready before the plunge.) She's taking us out to eat tonight (Elder Garcia, We're going to the same place she took us to) and I think she's also buying me some new cloths (which I don't really need right now, but hay, who am I to say no.

As for A*, WE FOUND HIM LAST NIGHT!!! We ran by as a back up to something else and E* answered the door. We talked to them for a little bit and E* said he's reading in the Book of Mormon again and wants to come to church, ON HIS OWN IF NECESSARY!!!! I told him to bring A* along and made them both promise to read the Book of Mormon during my last two days here. They're going to move to Palm Dale soon, and they're not taking B*, (V*'s Boyfriend) so it's looking really good for them.

That's really about everything. No I didn't get the package yet.

Tip's and Tricks... Just do it like you do Long Beach, (or as much as you can) treat it like a Camp-out and have fun. If you have fun (safely) the kids will follow you and have fun to. Also, go to the dance on Saturday or Friday and show the kids how it's done... old school. (Yes Dad, that means you have to dance).

Return and Report.

180 lbs. Car's going to kill the weight loss, Pray for me.

Days of Spanish 7/7!!! one more day and It's a Transfer!!!!!


Elder Michael Blanding