January 20, 2015, Confirmation, TMNT, and everything be shiny

This week was pretty fun. We had a lot of work. We are either really good at planning or going to be really rusty at it really soon. We haven't had to plan for a day for a couple of weeks because our days just get filled up with appointments.

This week was pretty chill on the crazy side, mostly just lessons and stuff, but it felt like a doubly long week because e-mail is on Tuesday. On the other hand this week will be twice as fast because I'm doing this on Tuesday. We did have Zone Conference again. It was super cool. We got the new mission training plan and we are super excited to see what we can learn this year. Sad thing is we didn't get the new I-pads yet, they are supposed to come in abril (april) now.

L* and B* are doing fantastic. They're really busy because of the holidays (I hate Christmas and New Years and Hanukkah ;) Best Christmas Ever!!!) but their lives should be slowing down now, so they will hopefully be able to come to church this week.

I got to Confirm A* this past Sunday. It was pretty fun and my Spanish was good enough to give the gift of the holy ghost, but I accidentally called him by his middle name during the blessing part (oops). 

S* is progressing really well. We've been reading with her from El Libro de Mormon (the Book of Mormon) and she's starting to get it. She doesn't ask nearly as many questions. We've also been teaching her daughter, G*. She's been in town for the last week and S* has had us teach her every day, sometimes when we are coming to teach S*. G* is like the exact opposite of her mom. She accepts it really fast and doesn't ask a lot of questions. We set a fecha with her and can't wait to send off this referral to the missionaries in San Francisco. We're teaching her Tithes and offerings to day in like an hour so it's going to be an easy baptism for them up there. 

This is a short e-mail, but hey not much happened to tell you about.

Weight; 177 (as of Monday)

Spanish: 4/7

New Commitments that I've made. No more sugar until February, no more cake until July 9th 2015. 

Oh, nearly forgot. One of the themes for Zone Conference was Faith compared to Seeds and trees only our faith and our tree. This is the Year of the Tree ;)

One more thing... okay two. Can you send me a eating/workout plan for a healthy body, and what does "heavy cream" look like? I can't find it anywhere and my companions have both wanted pasta and broccoli.