January 11, 2015, BAPTISM!!!!


Hi Mom,

As you probably guessed from the title, WE GOT A BAPTISM!!!!! A* made this blessed covenant with God last night, It was so freaking awesome! Obispo (Bishop) H* did the baptism. We took a lot of pictures and I need to send them on to Elder Garcia, if he'd ever just send me an e-mail so I can do that. It was also his birthday so that was super cool. We made cupcakes and gave him one the night before.

 S* daughter, G*, was in town. We re-taught the restoration with her and did a lot of reading with S*. She needs to learn to ask God for answers (not us) and keep reading. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times S*'s been reading and stopped to ask a question that is directly answered in the next line or the next verse. A couple nights in a row, we promised her that if she would read she'd receive her answer. The exact wording was (translation) "I Promise you [S*] that the answers are in the book." I loved the day she started the lesson by saying (translation and paraphrase) "You were right, the answers are in the book." She'd read like three whole chapters and even after that she still had questions. She did learn about the Great and Abominable Church being the Catholic Church on her own, but then she tried to fight it. She confuses me sometimes.

Familia C* still hasn't turned into anything. We need to call them and try to set something up. I can't remember if I told you this, but the mom is from Puebla, Mexico, so I think it'd be super cool to help her get baptized. We did have a really good place to start out from to. I think Jason needs to send me a letter with some pictures/descriptions of Puebla so I can have good conversations about some ones home over here. 

We needed two splits this week because we had so many appointments that we literally ran out of time in the day. BEST PROBLEM EVER!! during one of the splits we almost set up an appointment that would require a third split, but we decided to give Elder Rangel and Elder Gutierrez a break and time to take care of their investigators. 

Please pray for L* and B*. Pray that they can prepare for baptism, they are ready for it, but they just need to get married and listen to all the lessons. L*'s married to another man in Honduras, so pray that the divorce goes quick. That is a specific plea for help. 

I'm doing just fine. Health is good, eating could improve. I still lost my two pounds this week, but it was cutting it close. We talked all week in Spanish, at least the way I keep track. we're going to try and improve a little this week. Every week we are choosing a goal to work on and if we make it we can go out to eat on Monday (to see more about this read Adjusting to Missionary Life, it's money). Last week was focused planning, this week is Spanish. Wish us luck and pray I forget English.

I love the order of your questions at the end of letters. They are the opposite of how I want to answer them, focused on me and then on the people I teach. I DON'T MATTER MOM!! ;)

Got to go write Jason in espanol now.


Elder Michael Blanding