December 22, 2014, Good bye Elder Garcia Hello Elder Gonzalez, S*'s ready!

Hi Mom.

 I actually got two packages on Tuesday (Transfers), one from the ward and one from you. I opened both, but I don't know all that's in yours. Thank you for the music and for the rice crispy treats. It's killing me to not be eating all the good food you sent me, but I need to wait for Christmas.

My new companion is Elder Gonzalez. He's from Argentina, but lives in Utah, and yes we are getting along.\ 

Sleep hasn't been a huge problem. I slept for most of Sunday because I was a little sick. Nothing to worry about, just aches and pains.

I don't think we have anything special planed for Christmas eve, but I look forward to Skype this Thursday. The timing is perfect. I'll Skype you at 4:30 or 4:35. just a heads up, I'd like to speak to Jason in Spanish for the little time we have before he has to leave, but I will talk to ya'll in English after that.

This week was rather busy for us over here. We talked to 167 people about how Christ is the Gift of Christmas, and had a few lessons with our supper solid investigators. Familia C* dropped us, but we have a baptism scheduled and possible for every week this month coming up, and for every week this transfer. S* is this week, she solid. She's trying to tell us she's not ready, but that's not true. I think she's just nerves that she won't have friends to support her if she does this. We had her pray about it over the weekend and will see what she says tonight. Her daughters in town, the other one, for Christmas. Hopefully this will make it easier for her to accept it's her time to make this covenant.

We also have familia H*, V*, E*, and A*, set up for the week after that. we plan on doing the interview right after S*'s baptismal service. They're also supper solid. we shouldn't have any problems with them. V* still needs to kick out or get married to her boyfriend, but that shouldn't be a huge deal.

I got to go E-mail Jason now and shopping after that. We're doing a Wite Elephant Gift exchange as a Zone today.

Love you all so much and can't wait to see you on Thursday. 

Elder Blanding.