December 15, 2014, WE GOT ONE!!!! BEST SUNDAY EVER and (on the sad note, goodbye Elder Garcia

Hi Mom,

I have no idea where to start today, so I'm just going to respond right now. Thank you so much for your support. I love you and wish you the best. Yes the tight budget helps with weight loss, but I've also been eating healthier and thinking about what I put into my body. I haven't gotten the package yet, but we'll be getting it tomorrow at transfer meeting. I'm staying in the area but Elder Garcia's going  home:( I've learned so much from him and we've had so many fun experiences it will be hard to say good bye, but I look forward to my next companion. I'll see what I can do about the Skype call. It shouldn't be hard, I've asked a family in the ward that is super cool and totally get missionary life. Best part is, at that time I can turn it into a cena (Dinner). Thank you for the marriage advice, I gave it to Elder Garcia, because that's his next mission.

This week was amazing. We started with a goal to have 140 Finding Opportunities, we ended with 122, and only because we had temple trips and planning to do. The temple was wonderful and I have some picture to send, but we have to get Elder Garcia ready to go home, so I might not be able to send them all, sorry 

Tuesday Elder Garcia had his departing interview, so I spent the night with Elder Neff, it was cool, they had a dinner and we found a lost sheep. He actually found us, but the point is the same.

The next day we helped S* string up her Christmas lights. It was really fun and S* has some cool pictures, but I don't have them so I hope we find a way to get them home to you.

After that we had a temple trip with the mission. This was a lot less crazy then our last trip. It was lovely and then we taught L* and B*, two of our fechas (Dates) and then prepared S* for her Interview the next day. We also taught V* and her family with Hermono M*, he's a lot of fun, and thoughts with A* and E*, V*'s two oldest, it was a riot.

Friday I spent with Elder Neff and Elder Rangel because Elder Garcia went to the temple for his departing temple trip. When he got back we went to teach L* And B* for the last time with Elder Garcia. It was sad, but we got some really good pictures. We then ran to the church to start the interview. Elder Buck conducted it and it took forever. The Young Single Adult branch was having a Christmas dinner and invited us to join, we couldn't say no, so we had a little while we waited. When they finally came out of the interview, Elder Buck said she passed. We were over joyed. She had a little problem with saying no to her family about alcohol, but she said (quoting Elder Buck, quoting her) "I don't want to say no, but I want to be baptized." !!!!!!!!!!

That Saturday was the ward Christmas activity. It was another dinner. We took a lot of pictures and saw Santa Claus. 

Then Sunday came. We had only five at church, R* couldn't make it, but B* was there for the first two hours before he had to leave for work (it only count's if they are there for sacrament, which happens in the last hour here). We walked to church talking to people, so we walked back to the apartment for a slice of cake, provided by S*, and to watch the last two videos for 12 weeks. We then walked back to finish the 12 weeks role play because, ELDER NEIL A. ANDERSON WAS COMING TO TALK TO THE YOUTH.!!! We have two youth investigators who came so we got to stay and listen. I have fantastic notes. My big take away was I am a child of God and he will support me if I stand for what's right, even if I stand alone. A* fought his way through the crowd to get a picture with Elder Anderson, he only got to shake his hand, but it was cool to see. I also got to shake his hand!

We then went to the visitors center with S* to see the lights. It was cool. We also caught a concert in the center. Look up the Christmas song "real", it was the one that touched me and Elder Garcia the most. So Beautiful. Talk about a way to end your mission!!! so jealous that Elder Garcia got to end that way.

Missionary challenge. GO CAROLING. We're going to do that before Christmas and it's so fun to sing.

Days in Spanish: 6

Weight lose: 1.8 lbs

Love for you all: un-measurable.


Elder Michael Blanding