October 6, 2014 A Week of Firsts

Hi Mom.

This week, in case you can't guess, was a Week of Firsts. I had my First Flat Tire on the same day as my First General Conference in the missions and had my First Investigators Attend Church. we actually had four attend conference. One came to Priesthood session, only problem was the investigator is an Hermana. I also attended my First Session of General Conference in espanol. I under stood nothing. Did Dad say anything about the talk in Portuguese. It sucked that I couldn't be in the MTC for this week, the choir was beautiful and it was fun to see the director who I got to know and love leading one last time.

My companion was born in Honduras but moved to North Carolina early so he speaks really good English. and never mistake him for Mexican, he gets angry.

Conference was amazing. I learned so much and the talks seemed to be directed both to me and to my investigators. I loved Elder Bernard's talk in the Sunday evening session. I only understood a little of the talk because that was the one that I listened to in Spanish so I could sit with my Investigator, but I understood the first part and loved how he directed it at the people who are investigating the Church.

We need the costumes the Monday before Halloween. Our zone is playing a game of Marvel vs.. DC volleyball.

Elder Garcia was sick Saturday and I didn't have my bike, because the tire popped, so we were stuck at the church for most of the day and only managed to talk to 110 people this week, but we never missed a day of contacting, and we found two more families anyway. One is three girls, a mom and her two daughters. The oldest sing in choir. The other I've only met one of the girls and her name is M*, fun coincidences that happen on missions. [had to edit this out for privacy and safety concerns]. I wonder if God is telling us something.

It sucks that Annie died. I hope grandmas doing okay. As for praying, just pray for my investigators in general. We're trying to get them to keep commitments, but it's hard. Elder Garcia is teaching me a lot.

Spiritual thought for the week "'Weird' is another word of 'Inspired'"

That's about it for this week

Elder Michael Blanding


[He then wrote me a hand written letter]

Hi Mom,

I forgot some things in my email. Add to blog as you see fit. Another first is right after I e-mailed you, I had my first bike crash. I was riding to play soccer with the zone and rode right off the sidewalk. I flipped over the handle bars.

I also just finished making cookie dough. I’m going to bake them when I’m done writing you. We don’t have a mixer or whisker so I ended up suing a fork. I have pictures of the finished product. We had some of the cookie dough and it’s really good.

We were going to get our iPads, yes it is [can’t read his handwriting] this week but some elders in a different mission misused them so we won’t get them yet. I love my Mission President in his e-mail explaining this he quoted Alma “wickedness never was happiness” and then said, “especially when it messes with my happiness.” 

I’m also sending home some things I can’t have and don’t need. Take care of the books, send me a thing of cd’s with music. My MTC ID is in there and I’d like that to be taken care of as well. Please. 


Elder Michael “Boxer” Blanding

PS: Elder Garcia thinks I’m a model.

And a note from Elder Garcia: “Your son is the best. Thank you for all your prayers! Love Elder Garcia (with a heart)