October 14, 2014 Miracle Week

Sorry this is late, but we had a holiday on Monday.

I'm fine, bounced and laughed. CD with the music you sent me with and General Conference Talks. [I told him he couldn’t tell me he had a bike crash and “flipped” over the handle bars with out an status report on his injuries—silly boy! He’s lucky I didn’t call the Stake President and find out what hospital he was air lifted too.]

This week was full of cool things. where to begin. I'll go backwards this time. Monday, Elder Garcia and I bought food for this week, we had a budget of $43 and only went $1.11 over. We felt good. Because it was a holiday we didn't have E-mail abilities. Sorry I didn't tell you already, but I forgot/didn't know. That night we upgraded my bike. It took the rest of the day, but it was worth it. I plan on sending it home for BYU-I if it survives the mission. We also got a hair cut and I was able to speak with him in Spanish for the whole hair cut. I understood a lot but not all. I also found a Nintendo 64 at a swap meet, but I didn't buy it.

On Sunday, Elder Garcia and I had EIGHT investigators at church, a number that is unheard of. The closest Elder Garcia has gotten before was seven in his first area. We also managed to get eight new investigators. Our secret actually came from Elder Buck, our district leader. Last week at district meeting he said to not look at conversations as conversations but as finding opportunities, so that's  what we did. Thursday night we set a goal of Finding Opportunities rather then Conversations, and our numbers skyrocketed. We also found N*, who committed to Baptism on our first visit lesson. So cool, we now have 2 Fechas Bautismal, (Baptism Dates)

Saturday we found A* again. we walked with him for a little to a house that we found on Friday.

The house we found on Friday had a Recording Studio built onto the side, I kid you not, and they let me sing in the booth. It was so cool. it was very hard. The head phones allow you to hear yourself, but it's late and they were putting effects on, because it was a rap studio, so I sounded weird and late. We got two names from this Finding Opportunity. Animal Dog, which we said for a tag, and Gnealz or Jarell. It was so worth it, and we got a picture of us in the booth.

Thursday we had a cena with the P*s, a family in our ward. It was a fantastic lasagna cena and I wanted more by the end, but was so full it would have killed me to have more.

Wednesday we had a cena at S*'s, the other fecha. She also gave us a lasagna cena. She asked what we wanted Tuesday and made it for us.

Tuesday we had District meeting. I made cookies the day before and shared them with the district. It was really cool and we had a fantastic meeting.

That's pretty much the week. now for things I forgot.

Two weeks ago, on Monday, Elder Garcia and I were looking through a swap meet and I found the Brazil Kit in the picture for $20. the shorts don't fit, but everything else does.

I think I might be running low on money on my Debit from home. I have to pay for repairs to my bike and anything that is stolen from it, so I will need an emergency fund for that on the card. Also, if Dad could check it and let me know how much I have left, that'd be great.

I can't remember if I already said this, but Meet the Mormons is a fantastic movie and you should go see it. Find a place that is showing it near you.

Today is exchanges so I'm going to be with Elder Buck for a day and I will let you know more about him next time.

Love Elder Blanding.