January 5, 2015, Last Change

I have now begun my last 6 weeks as a missionary. I can't believe this time has already come. I feel like I still have so much to do before I finish. It is a weird feeling knowing that at the end of this change I'm going to be packing for the last time in my mission. I really hope to finish strong. In a few weeks I will send you my itinerary so that you know what time you need to be in the air port.

I really hope that the last few weeks of my mission will be the hardest worked weeks. I really don't want to be able to look back and say that I left with something left to give. I really don't feel like I'm about to finish but the truth is the truth. Things are going well but I hope that they can go better.

We have one investigator who is progressing more or less. She doesn't come to church every week. but she does come when she can. she some times reads what we leave her but not always. Her name is M*. Se has a baptismal date for the 31st of January. She really wants to get baptized but sometimes things get in the way. She loves listening to us and even gives us stuff (the other day she gave us stuff to make "Ponche" otherwise know as fruit tea, it  is a Christmas tradition here).

Elder Jason Blanding.

President Christensen;

This week was better than last week. We are starting to work more with the members and inviting them to come with us to the appointment (we barely did this before). We have also had the problem that the members say yes but then don't show up, or that they all say (more with the youth) "I already went with you once." I don't know what we can do to resolve this problem. it has been one I have had my whole mission. 

Thank you for letting me stay with Elder Perez to finish my mission. I feel really happy to be with him. Things are going well with him. I feel that he is learning really fast... a lot faster than I did. 

Elder Blanding.

PS; I heard a rumor that the Hawks are in the super bowl again this year. Is it true?