December 29, 2014, All or Nothing

It was awesome to talk to you all this week. I can't believe that that was the last time I will talk to you all until I get home. It is a strange feeling.

This week we were able to have a little more success. Things are going well. M* continues to progress. She came to church yesterday an now has gone more than five times. we still have to teach her all the lessons but when we do she will get baptized. It is amazing to be able to help people come unto christ. I will absolutely miss the ability to be involved at 100% when I go home.

I Love the christmas season. there is nothing more beautiful than a world thinking about Jesus Christ. I did miss a little of the Christmas season at home. It is really different here. 

so I would like a burger when I get home and the next day I would like to have Lasagna (not the day of because I would like to not have you do to much the day I get back. I just want to get home and rest). I would also that the day after the lasagna we could have Grilled Cheese... It doesn't exist here. 

as for snack food... I would like Chocolate Milk, a BIG bag of gummy bears and a package of mint oreos.

Elder Jason Blanding.

PS and lots of cereal.

President Christensen:

This week we did a lot better. We were able to find a few more people and also we contacted more. I have been struggling a little against being lazy. It has been hard because I have been doing this for almost 2 years and I just don't have the same energy that I used to. I am really trying my best but sometimes it is just hard to walk another 5 blocks. I am going to make these last 7 weeks really count. 

It was awesome to talk with my family this week. I love talking with them. My mom asked if I couldn't extend my mission, Ha Ha Ha. I told her that I had already tried... twice, but that you had told me that when it is time to go home, it is time to go home. She wasn't super happy but she said that it is ok because she likes you. It was an awesome time. 

Elder Perez is doing fine still. I really hope that we are staying together next change. We will both be really sad if we are split up. He really is an awesome missionary. He learns fast and already feels comfortable teaching and contacting. He still shows a lack of experience but that can only be gained over time. He is also starting to show a little more initiative. I don't need to tell him to contact or anything. He does it by himself. I would really really love to continue to help him.

Elder Blanding