February 2, 2015, Only one more real letter

So time is about up. Just one real letter after this one. I feel like everything is surreal. I can't believe that it is almost over.

I really am planning on working hard these last few weeks. It will be so much fun working like never before. I am going for broke on the contacting. I feel that if I get good at it I can get at least 40 a day. It won't be easy but it will be tons of fun. 

We had an interesting experience this last week. you can see it in the last paragraph of my letter to President. It really was an up and down heart breaking story. I hope we can make things work out.

I would ask the favor that you take away all of the video games when I get home. I really don't want to be saturated with all of that stuff. Looking at it on the bright side we can play more board games and also help you to put in your new floor.

Elder Jason Blanding.

The first picture I have attached is of the expiration date of a carton of milk that I bought about a month or two ago. It is of the 19th of February..... I get home the 18th. Used before I expired.

The second is of the stuffed gorilla you sent me in the MTC. It was all dusty so I decided to wash it. I couldn't resist the name tag picture

The third is of a Texan I met here... nah it was me. I just liked the picture. 

President Christensen

This last week had its ups and downs. We had three investigators drop us and two almost. It was very weird and all of them did it through texts. I don't know why people always want to give bad news through a text message and not face to face. We also had to postpone the baptism we were going to have but that was just for one week. All in all it was an interesting week.

This last week we found a couple who seams really promising. They accepted baptism in the first lesson and even had a date for the 14th of March. Two days later they sent us a message that made us worry. They basically said that they weren’t going to get baptized anymore. We tried to find them for two days and finally yesterday we were able to find them. As it turns out it was because the parents of the husband, whom they live with, didn't want them to get baptized. The wife still wants to get baptized and is even reading the Book of Mormon but it seems that the pressure from her parents-in-law is going to be a big obstacle for her. From what the wife told us, her husband doesn't want to get baptized anymore because of his parents. I really hope we can find a way to help them. We aren't going to be able to talk with the parents because they are never there during the day, only at night (they get there about 9 or 10 at night every day). There is always something.

Elder Blanding.