January 6, 2014

so today make exactly 10 months since I went into the MTC. I can't believe it has really been that long. I still feel like I am the new Elder who doesn't know what he is doing. what is even weirder is that I am now in the time frame where Elder Swenson (my trainer if you don't know who he is) was when we were together. 

So this week was a down week in terms of lessons. we only had a total of 6 all week. I hope it was just because it was the week of the new year and everyone was out doing things. But hey there is always people in the street. 

So I have received a few of the letters you all sent me. Chris asked me a question and I decided to answer it. the answer is not always but when we feel like we should, we do. 

we also had a interesting experience on new years. we were trying to sleep and at about 12:00 we got woken up by all the fireworks going off. later at about 3:00 some drunk guy decided to ring our doorbell it was really anoying. I wish I had thought of something clever to say to him but I didn't.

that is about all I have this week. so see you.

Elder Blanding.