December 30, 2013


I can't believe it is almost 2014. where has the time gone. It is weird to think that I will have less than a year left in my mission in just 50 days (yup that short).  

So this week we have been focusing a lot on contacting more. it has been weird to see just how easy it really is to contact people when you actually start doing it. Before this week I hadn't contacted more than about 25 people in a week, and that was my best week. this week however, we contacted 75 people. that wasn't even very many. there are missionaries in the mission that contact 200 people a week. we are planning to contact more this coming week and even more farther on. the idea being that we increment the goal every week until we are contacting almost everyone we see. we are also planning on starting to contact in the buses (by contact I mean stand in the front with a book of Mormon and contact everyone in the bus at the same time, not going person to person). It will be interesting to see the results.

oh and funny thing that happened with the contacts this week. it has something to do with the question that Jessie had about the crazy people. we were on the way to visit a member and we decided to contact an old lady that was walking the other way, this was a bad idea. she spent the next 5-10 minuets telling us we didn't know God, the 10 Commandments or anything really. from this encounter I learned a few things about the 10 Commandments. First, not worshiping Idols is not one of the 10. Second, I have been reading the commandment about keeping the Sabbath day holy (santificar el día de reposo) wrong all my life, it really reads keep the parties holy (santificar las fiestas). I left the contact enlightened about the 10 Commandments, and also about how much ignorance there is in the world.

Christmas was interesting. We didn't do anything special really. the food on Tuesday was good and the family of the branch mission leader invited us to eat with them on the 24th. However, the best part was Skyping on the 25th. either way it was a nice Christmas.

well that is about all I have to say about this week. productive but relatively boring other than Christmas and some of the contacts we had.


Elder Blanding