July 15, 2013

First for the package if you can find them I need fine point refills for a Parker pen (bought one in the MTC and the ink is running out) I have looked here but I can't find them anywhere. And you could always send a giant bag of candy :) jolly ranchers sound good to me. Also more gum wouldn't hurt.

I still can't belive that you let them all get guns. I still remember the mom that wouldn't let us have play guns let alone anything that whould shoot things. Are their guns in the picture or are those all just the guns for the cub camp?

I have no clue what is going on with El Popo I can see it sometimes and it looks normal to me.

So I got three letters this week. You keep asking me to tell you how long it takes but all I can tell you is that it doesn't really matter because I need to go to the offices or the zone leaders do for me to get any mail. So it could take an extra 6 weeks after it gets to the offices before I will get it. Tell Mike to tell Shelby that she can write me if she wants to we are alowed to write friends now (through E-mail, we have always been able to by snail-mail). Also what is Kray's E-mail I want to send him something directly but I don't have his E-mail. Also can you all start making a list of the movies I miss while I am out here and that I need to see when I get back (particularly Disney and Pixar)?

Well this week I rediscovered that my MP3 has a voice recording function so I am seding you a short recording. I have one that is a lot longer but It is to big to send so I will need to find some other way to send it. Maybe we can set up some sort of file share site that I can just deposit all of my recordings there and then you can download and listen to all of them.

Also this week we got sisters in the other half of the ward so things have gotten a little more complicated here. I told you all about how things needed to change last time so I will be short. The bigest change is that we don't eat together. They eat at 2 and we come later at 3. Yes we don't eat untill 3 in the afternoon and it is a little anoying to be honest. I will get used to it but it will require a change.

We will have a baptism this Saturday!!! It is for a 13 year old girl and we are all really excited. It will be my first baptism that is really mine (I don't really count the first one because we only taught him twice and he was baptized days after we got into the area). I just hope the rest of the investigators we have will get baptized too.

Also we found out that the parents of the 13 year old (both members) are not mairied to eachother... the worst part about it is that they have been living together for 13 years and the mom was baptized 10 years ago... do the math and she shouldn't have been baptized because they weren't mairied. Oh and the mission president at the time was the one who baptized her. I don't know how this stuff happens here but apparently it isn't uncommon.

Well that is about it. Just know that I love you all and I miss you.


Elder Blanding