July 1, 2013

Well this week has been a rollercoster. First we had Elder Swenson's birthday on Tuesday. That was pretty cool expept that we got soaked because we didn't have our jackets.

Next (I think it was on Wednesday) we got a text from one of our investigators that said that the dad of the daughter and the ex of the mom (whom they have not had contact with for 10 years) came and they were going back to their puebla (town). We thought we wouldn't even get the opportunity to say good buy to them. Luckily and to our surprise they were only going for a day and now they are going to fill out some paper work to make it so that this kind of thing won't happen again (they want nothing to do with him).

It was definitely the most interesting day of my mission so far.

Today we had a zone activity and so that is why I am writing so late. It was cool, we played some games and then ate PIZZA HUT!! Yup pizza is a luxury here. It is also nice that I got to eat real American food for a change. (American food here isn't really American food.)

Also something that happened on Monday was that we saw 3 and 1/2 dead animals on the side of the road (not all one after the other). i will give details and photos in another E-mail so as not to make you throw up all over your brand new computer. You should show them to Kray and Mike at least.

The story is that we were walking down the Street to wash our clothes and on the side of the Street we see a dead cat just lying there. Later the same day we were walking down a Street and I commented to Elder Swenson that there was a dead pig farther down the Street (I saw it a few days before). But before we got there we found another dead cat/dog/fox in the Street with it's brains and guts all over the Street. Needless to say it was an interesting day. 

[Sorry but I'm not adding the dead animal pictures.] 

Elder Blanding

Beautiful Puebla

Beautiful Puebla

Jason LOVES pizza! I think I see three boxes and a thumbs up in the bottom right hand corner. 

Jason LOVES pizza!
I think I see three boxes and a thumbs up in the bottom right hand corner. 

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