April 4, 2013

 Dear Mom,

Just got your letter. Easter here was awesome. We had one big sacrament meeting with the whole MTC. (We usually have small ones with just our Branch.) Even though there were about 3000 missionaries it only took 13 min to pass to all of them.  It made me think of when Jesus fed the 5000. This was probably one of the biggest sacraments meetings ever.  Bishop Causse spoke to us during sacrament meeting and then Sister Dew spoke during the Sunday night devotional. Both were really good talks and I learned a lot from both. To round off an already spiritual Easter the video they showed after the devotional (they always have some video on Sunday night) was a talk Elder Bednar gave to the MTC about the character of Christ. It was over all an amazing Easter.

I got to host the new missionaries yesterday. It was really cool seeing the different reactions of the new missionaries as they got dropped off. One of the most entertaining was one sister who was like “I’m actually doing this…I’m actually doing this…” She didn’t actually say that but she might as well have.

Well say hi to the rest of the family for me including Alex and Roxy. Tell Dad and Kray I think they are nuts. Oh and tell Kray I told him so about crashing his bike (within a week). Tell Chris and Jess thanks for the notes and tell Jess thanks for the drawing.

The drawing Jessie sent to Elder Blanding

The drawing Jessie sent to Elder Blanding

Love you all!
Amo ustedes!
Elder Blanding