May 12, 2013

Today's post is taken from our 1 hour Skype conversation with Elder Blanding. He was at a "members" home (she is a dry Mormon) and called us. It was so great to see his smiling face, hear happiness in his voice and enjoy chatting with him.  

Unfortunately I didn't get to ask all my good questions like, "How is the weather in Mexico?" or "How is church?" "Is President Christensen nice?" All those questions will have to wait for letters, emails and Christmas.  But he was leaving the next day for Mexico so we did get to chat a bit about his plans for tomorrow.

It was great to listen to the few stories and experiences he has had already: seeing Elder William Richardson, talking to the crazy guy, getting his first baptism, the reason his companion was in the hospital. 

My heart was happy!

Happy Mother's Day to me!!