October 28, 2013

Nice news from home.

As for the Facebook thing, don't worry about it for a while. It will for sure not happen until January or maybe even later. We were just told it would happen in a few months. I do however believe that I will be using my personal Facebook and not create a new one. 

This week we haven't been able to get appointments with any of our investigators. It is a little frustrating that we just can't get the appointments to teach them. Of all the Investigators we have they are all busy with changing schedules or tragedies in the family that make us unable to put appointments with them. But we are however having a little more success with the less-actives in our area. This Sunday we had a family that had only come a few times to church come. In the 5.5 months I have been here they have come about 3 times and now they have come 2 weeks in a row!! We also had a less-active who hadn't been to church in years come for the first time!! Even though we aren't having much success with the investigators here we are having a little with a few of the less-actives and that is nice. It is nice to be able to see some of the fruit of our labors.

Other than that there isn't much to say about what is going on here. We are working to get more people to teach and get appointments with the ones we are currently teaching. It isn't easy but it is worth it.

So here are your answers for the week:

My health is fine, I haven't had any problems whats0ever. I am also eating just fine and the food isn't a problem anymore (unless they make it really spicy). 

As for money, I am fine. I took some money out of my account last week and will take a little out today too but I am only doing it because we aren't supposed to use the mission money for souvenirs or personal items (there are some military stores right next door and we went to them last week and are going again today). 

As for language, it feels weird but it is almost more natural to speak in Spanish than it is to speak in English now. I still have a lot to learn (mostly vocab and proper grammar) but I don't have any problems anymore expressing myself. 

They still haven't gotten here yet but we have to go to the offices tomorrow morning and they may already be there (they don't tell us we have mail we just get it when either our leaders or ourselves go to the offices).

Elder Blanding.

[He sent another email] 

So here in Mexico they have their day of the dead and as part of it they put offerings to their ancestors on their tables for about a week. One of the things they put there are called Hojaldras. It is a type of bread that they only make in October and just for the offerings (I wish they made it other times of the year because it is good bread). In the ward there are two bakers and one of them has the oven in a building just to the side of his house. We went to visit them and they were in the middle of making some. After every batch they have to heat up the oven and I decided to take a picture of it. They basically use a flame-thrower to heat up the bricks at the bottom of the oven and then put about 9 trays of Hojaldras in to cook. When they first start they need to take about a half-hour to heat up the oven this way but once it is hot they only need about 8 minuets between batches to reheat the oven. It was really cool to see. To cook a batch is also really fast, about 4 minuets in the oven and they are ready to be pulled out. Here is a photo of some Hojaldras so you can know what I am talking about.




Warming up the oven. 

Warming up the oven.