November 11, 2013

Well to answer your question about transfers, they are tomorrow and I have transfers (figured that after half a year here in Alamos they would move me). Next week I will let you all know what happens. 

I did get the packages just fine. I don't think anything was missing. The one with the sweatshirt/sweatpants was a little squished but nothing was broken (other than the chocolates were a little squished). 


I do hope to receive that talk at some point. 

So this week we made some pretty good progress. Turns out that contacting works (who knew). We have 11 new investigators just this week and all of them were from contacts of last week or this week. I really wish I could have more time here in Alamos but oh well God wants me to be somewhere else. I really want to know where I am going and who will be my new companion. Changes (Transfers are called Changes here) are always full of unknowns, I hate unknowns. 

On saturday we got to go to a fireside that our mission president gave. It was given for less-actives, actives and investigators alike. It was focused on the apostasy and the restoration. It was really cool. He used scriptures from the bible to show why there was an apostasy and why we needed a restoration. He also kind of bashed the creeds of the other Christian religions (with bible scriptures). It was really cool. even better was that he made it fun and he showed that he wasn't trying to say that the other religions are wrong and ours is right just to help inform people. It was awesome. 

Well that is about all this week. I'll let y'all know where I end up after the Changes and who my new companion is next week.


Elder Blanding