I want you to trust my judgment and my treatment decisions

11. I want you to trust my judgment and my treatment decisions.

I think out of all 20 of the things listed this is the one that I have gotten the most trouble with. Everyone and their dog seems to question my judgment and my treatment decisions. I've been told that because I didn't visit another doctor or clinic I'm not going to be cured. I've been told that I’m a fool for doing "conventional" treatments. I've been told lots of things. All you do is make me second guess my prayerful, thoughtful, studied, logical, emotional and personal decisions. Please know that I have prayed for direction and guidance. I have studied; I have done what I need to do to be well versed in making my OWN decision on the way I am going to treat my cancer. You don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you. Please do not shun me for saying "thank you, but no." Please support me and trust that what I have decided is right for me.

No one knows how it will come out because each cancer is TOTALLY different in every single individual. There is NEVER a right treatment, only the one that the patient makes after consulting many sources including doctors, clinics, friends and her God.

Please trust me no matter how it comes out. It was my decision. It was not made in a void or in an emotional black hole. My husband and I gathered all the information in front of us, prayed, and decided that we would take this course of treatment.

Please trust me. Please pray for me. Please pray that the treatment decisions I have made will be the ones that work.