I need to know you're here for me

3. I need to know you're here for me (and if you aren't, why not).

I understand where she is coming from with this one, but would rewrite it to read:

"I need to know that my good friends and family are here for me (and if not, why).

Going through this journey can be pretty lonely. Yes, I have my immediate family and they are great, but they are going through the same journey and together we need someone from the outside to help lean on and support us. I don't expect you to be on call 24/7 but when I need you, I need to know that you are there.

Let me know if I can call you or email you any time to rant or rave. And if you can't handle it because it is hard, let me know; I'll understand. I can't handle it at times either.

Cancer is a lonely road to travel, even if you have great support. No one travels it the same way and we all need different support along the way. Just let us know if you are someone we can call upon for support.