I don't know why I got cancer and I don't want to hear your theory

2. I don't know why I got cancer, and I don't want to hear your theory.

This I think is the second most important thing I want you to know. I truly, truly, truly don’t want you to tell me about the newest, greatest, or even the earliest research about how people get cancer. I know there are many theories and research documents out there on why and how people get cancer. I've read many of them and I continue to read them as people send them to me. This truly is one of the most uncaring way of treating me. I know they mean well, but it really doesn't help.

One tells me that by eating sugar I gave myself cancer. Not true. Another tells me that my negative thought gave me cancer. Not true. Another tells me….
You get the picture.
The only thing these theories do for me is tell me that I am the one who caused my cancer. WRONG!

Let's take the science argument first.

Science has proven over and over that cancer is a cell that went wrong and didn't follow the instruction manual in itsDNA. Every person has cancer cells floating in their body right now. Mine just happen to not be taken care of by the other cells and congregated in my lymph system. If it would have happened in my breast I would have breast cancer. My body couldn't stop the growth and rid my body of it in a timely manner. Your body (if you are cancer free) just happens to be working fine. That is how cancers happen.

"Cancer" is a big word that covers many "diseases". In truth there are over 200 different cancers and the list is growing as more research is being conducted. We do not say someone with a cold or the flu or with AIDS has an "infection" we give it a name. "I have bronchitis," or "I have the flu," we tell people. I have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and within that "cancer" there are quite a few subclasses.

There are many reasons why a cell might go haywire and more than one is the "cause" of cancer. If that were so we would have it solved. And NO, the government and pharmaceutical companies are NOT conspiring to milk the populace out of millions. Are you kidding! DO you really think doctors themselves would go through cancer treatments if they knew there was a cure? DO YOU? This is ridiculous--plain and simple. My own doctor's wife is a breast cancer survivor and she happens to be his nurse. Do you think he would have put his wife through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy if he knew the answer? He told me that if he knew the cure to cancer, he would give it away free, but if he was greedy he would then sell it and become the richest man in the world. Bill Gates would look poor compared to him. The doctors, government and scientists are not out to get us.

Let's take the personality and psychological argument next.

I actually had a person post a link to an article that said I got Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma because I have a "loss of self-worth associated with the location". Since my cancer was found in my back, but yet the lymph systems is from head to toe, I'm not quite sure what this means. It also said that two years ago some emotional "trauma" happened in my life to make my system start to break down. I'm still trying to figure this out. Especially since even my aggressive cancer would take up to three to four years to "show" itself from the first haywire division of cells. Logically I'm not quite sure where this "research" is going.

I can't believe that there are those out there who even believe in this tripe. There is NO RESEARCH to back any of this up. Not one shred of truth to this hype. It only causes those who have cancer to beat themselves up for giving themselves cancer.

To quote Dr. Robert Buckman,
"Of all the reactions that cancer patients and their families experience, perhaps the most damaging and crushing is the idea that somehow the cancer patient might have brought the condition on himself or herself by having the wrong attitudes, thoughts, or personality. … but let me stress right away that humankind has always had a tendency to blame the patient for the disease, and there has been a recent upsurge of this in cancer. … [T]here are very many carefully conducted studies that show that attitudes, personality, life events, grief, and depression do not cause cancer at all (as opposed to behavioral patterns such as smoking, which does cause cancer). Furthermore, there are also important studies that show that changing your attitude and your thinking undoubtedly has a positive effect on your quality of life but does not change the behavior of cancer. Even so, the belief that somehow a diagnosis of cancer is a metaphor for some undefined "wrongness" of the person is a very subtle an powerful part of many people's reactions.
"So, for all those reasons, the word cancer produces particular and deep-seated feelings of fear and dread. That is why a book like this is needed--to explain and demystify cancer and its treatment and so reduce as far as possible those feelings of fear and helplessness. As has often been said, "understanding what's going on always makes things better." and that's especially true of cancer. A clear understanding will always help you fell more in control of your own situation. And by doing that it will really help you cope."

Please understand that I DID NOT CAUSE MY CANCER!!! It just happened and I have to live with it. I don't want your theories on how I got it or how to cure it. PLEASE!