the little red cells and a smile on his face

There is a show on PBS that has Hercule Periot saying talking about his "little grey cells". Well I want to talk about my little red cells.

Those very important red blood cells that carry oxygen to your body are not properly working in my body. Of course they have been poisoned a bit and are having a hard time regenerating at a rate that is necessary for me to function 100%. Right now I'm feeling it hard. My circulation is so poor that my fingers and toes tingle almost all the time. Yesterday I was plagued with leg and foot cramps. I tried to go for a run today and was able to run 10 minutes before I had to walk a few minute and for the rest of my 30 minute run it was the same. Run a little and then walk. I'm so tired of being sick.

This also leads to a lack of iron in the blood and therefore tired and weak muscles. I might actually have to go in for an "infusion" of iron. I'm just waiting for the phone calls this week. Infusion appointment (if needed) and my scan. I truly can feel the muscle weakness. It is so frustrating because I want so much be out and doing. My yard needs help. I have a marathon to run in 4 months and I'm not properly training for it. I had sewing I need to get done and there is something about working and schooling...

We are now coming upon 12 months. In fact the pain started over 12 months ago, It just wasn't bad enough to go visit a doctor until July 8, 2009. Boy how I remember those dates. It has been a hard year.

I feel it especially as my wedding anniversary is coming up this week. My poor husband has been through a year of hell. His lovely bride has turned into Frankenstein. I wish I could make this all better. I wish I could take away the bills that are coming in. I wish I could make his a wonderful dinner (I'm not a good cook). I wish I could take him out to dinner ($ and exposure prevent that). I just wish I could put a smile on his face again. He has been through hell this past year. I just hope that when this part if over and I'm in remission (oh what a sweet word) that we celebrate at least 30 more anniversaries. BTW--it will be 21 years on June 30. I can't believe he stuck with me all these years. I would have walked out a long time ago ~smile~