I think kissing was so over rated. Not, really, but now that I can't do it, boy do I miss it! Because of my very low white blood cell counts I have to be so careful about human contact (other contact too) that I haven't really kissed my husband since my first chemo appointment back in April. My kids too! How awful is that? Well, let me tell you--it is VERY, VERY awful!

I try hard not to shake hands or give hugs--cheek to cheek hugs. I feel so bad to be so stand-offish but I so desperately don't want to go spend a night in the hospital. After listening to that man they other day at chemo have to miss his very last treatment because of a low blood count I think maybe I'm making the right decisions. But I still miss kissing.

I even wore a raincoat, hat, mask, gloves and had very little skin showing the other day when we were outside cleaning up the yard. The bacteria in the dirt and all the animal waste can do great damage to my system--ICU time! But I still miss kissing.

But I do miss kissing. I miss kissing the few kids that will let me still kiss them. I really miss kissing my husband good bye in the morning and hello when he comes home. At least I can still hold his hand (and then use hand sanitizer).

To make things worse, I have spent the last two days in bed (just coming off chemo so I'm very tired) and have been watching "kissing movies". Also a few days ago I was watching my son getting snugly with his girl friend. Oh, how I would love to snuggle with my husband once again. I'm hoping that in a few more months I will be able to kiss again. That would be wonderful, because I miss kissing!

Kissing isn't overrated--I just want some of it!