Bah Humbug!

A long time ago in a land that seemed so far away, Christmas was magical, wonderful and even delightful. Something happened and it has lost its magic and wonder and is no longer filled with light.

I don't know if it is the cancer that is talking, or the missing of my sister, mom and father-in-law, but somehow this year on the day before Thanksgiving, I'm dreading Christmas--the whole thing.

I'm not looking forward to doing the tree (my kids use to help--now they just want to play xbox).
I'm not looking forward to making candy or baking (oh, how I hate to do both--cook/bake AND clean up and nothing ever turns out).
Maybe it is because I'm married to the Grinch (he really is the Grinch).
Maybe it is because there isn't a spare dime to get the kids something they want for Christmas (we can barely cover what they need) and I don't want to tell them that or see the disappointment on their faces.
Maybe it is because the magic is gone from my children's faces.
Maybe it is because for me it just seems like a lot of work for no reward.
Maybe it is because it is the last Christmas we will all be together.

Maybe this year we won't do a tree, or presents or bake, cook or shop. Maybe we will just skip Christmas this year.

Or maybe it is because it is so gray outside.