Oh, what do you do in the springtime

When all the world is WHITE?

Do you watch the snow fall?

Or make a snow ball?

Or in the hot tub to stay?

Is that what you do?

So do they?

Today, March 9, 2009, it snowed a couple of inches at our house. Of course the kids just had to have fun in it. So in the hot tub two went and the other decided a snow alien was in order. The snow fall didn't last too long, but long enough to be enjoyed.

Today the sun has popped out (in fact it is shining on my computer screen right now--but I refuse to close the blinds). It has hailed, pretty big pebbles. It has snowed, blizzard like. It has rained. I think the only thing we haven't had yet is thunder, but the day isn't over and we did hear some on Saturday.

Now I just hope Steve doesn't have an extra long commute because every one panicked.