Ok, I've had it with this new found craze called TEXTING!

Our sons have cell phone and we foolishly thought that they would obey the rules of our family "no texting". Ok, it didn't help that one of our sons' youth leader thought that even though we had told them not to text it was ok so he sent Kray some text messages. (great run-on sentence there teach!) So we over looked the four or five messages and the $20 text bill. We over looked the $7 one the next month as well. Then BAM! The next bill was over $200 and the next one over $300! Needless to say, that son lost his phone for the Christmas break.

We looked over our plan--we don't need texting--and found out that we had to PAY to have this feature--which we don't want nor use--disabled from plan. GRRR!!!

this past weekend my wonderful husband took me to see a movie (more on the movie in another post) and even though it said multiple times to silence phones and NO TEXTING, two rows in front of us some blankity, blank teen age girls texted the whole movie. It would have been one thing if they would have done it below their waste, but NO! They had to hold their phones up to their face (you know it is small type) to read as well as send text. Now, you see the problem is that the screens glow! And the light hit me straight in the eyes!

They are just darn lucky I wasn't sitting directly behind them or I would have grabbed the phones and said, "You can have them at the conclusion of the movie."

Now, you may ask why didn't I just switch seats. The answer is simple: the place was packed!
I still am hopping upset at those unthoughtful, "the rules don't apply to me" teenage snobs!