What have I been doing lately?

What a loaded question! First off, I've been very busy putting on homeschooling conferences. In March, I put on a teen conference for the LDS homeschool youth in the Seattle area. It was a huge success! Then in May, I did my 8th LDS homeschool conference. It too was a success. I was very pleased with the presenters, vendors and other little bits of the conference. I'm not sure I will do it again because the numbers continue to drop.

The other big thing is we are remodeling our kitchen. I can't wait to have my sink back! We have been doing a lot of the work to save on the cost, but we still have our "handyman" helping us. At this writing the cabinets are in, sub counters are on and it looks WONDERFUL! We didn't move any walls and just redid the layout and at least tripled my cabinet space and made the counter space more usable. The appliances are laid out in a much more logical and usable way. See the pictures here.

The other thing that I have been doing for 8 straight weeks is coaching soccer, or watching it! All six of my kids played spring soccer this year. Kray and Jason were on the same team and usually rotated the goalie job. They each did a great job. Mike was on a very young team and they struggled all season. They did not win or even tie a game ~frown~. I coached his team again this year and will do so again in the fall. They got to play on the new turf fields at Marymoor. Matt was on a great team this year and seemed to have fun every week. I never got to see him because I was coaching Mike's team. Chris was on a great team which was coached by Kray. Yes, Kray is coaching youth soccer again this spring. Jessie played again this year and I was able to coach her team as well. They were such cute girls and I loved coaching them. To add to this mess, Kray was also a referee for the first time this year. He reffed as much as he could and earned a goodly sum. All this added up to four nights every week at Marymoor Park. Mondays and Wednesdays I was there until 7:30. And on Wednesdays I also had to run kids to the church for scouts! It made for very interesting evenings.

Somewhere in all that Kray had an Eagle board of review and passed! YEAH! My first Eagle Scout!

As I type this we are in the car coming home from a 10 day vacation in Yellowstone! What a trip! It was a BLAST! I think we saw about everything you could see in the park. The only road we didn't get to go down was the road that lead southwest out of the park. We even managed to get to the Grand Tetons for a look. What a spectacular part of the world. It is truly magnificent! I can't wait to get home, down load all the pictures and do a proper write up.

Well, I guess that is what we have been doing for the past few months and why I haven't written--I literally drop in bed at night and before the light is out, my eyes are closed and my mind is in dream land.