Priesthood Equals Love

Priesthood Equals Love

As I was in bed wracked with a fever, chills and pains and my husband away with two of our sons on a trip, my six year old daughter was left to play nurse maid to me. Her older three brothers left her alone to do the job since she was doing such a fine job. As I woke with her little hand on my forehead she noticed my eyes open and whispers ever so lovingly that if I wanted she would call daddy and he would fly home because he loved me. I smiled at her and told her that I could wait for his return in the next day or two and that I would be just fine. She then said, "I know where daddy keeps his love oil and I could call our home teachers."

This of course brought back a memory of just a few weeks ago when she was climbing on the counter to get to a pack of gum I had place on the top shelf. She noticed my husband's vile of consecrated oil sitting up there as well. With a smile she climbed back down, handed me the pack and slyly told me that she knew where Daddy's Love Oil was kept.

My husband returned shortly with our two sons very late the next night and as I lay in bed next to him, I couldn't help but think of "Daddy's Love Oil." My eyes filled with tears and my heart with love as my mind recalled the times when "Daddy's Love Oil" was used in our home.

Seldom to I recall who the other Priesthood holder was and I'm not sure it matters. Neither do the specific words come to mind. But I do remember the feeling of love and peace that accompany "Daddy's Love Oil." I remember the time it was used just hours after our oldest son was born. It had been a very difficult birth and he had some injuries that needed heaven's help to heal. All of our six children suffered from life threatening jaundice at birth and "daddy's love oil" was used to speed the healing process. There were other childhood illnesses and accidents that needed "Daddy's Love Oil" to be used. We had chicken pox ravage our poor babies, a knife wound, a knocked out front tooth, stitches over the eye and on the head that all were made better with "Daddy's Love Oil."

One time I do recall very vividly "Daddy's Love Oil" being used was four years ago after a very nasty auto accident. My husband and a neighbor blessed me to "be made whole in the Lord's due time." I think that was the only time I ever recall specific words to a blessing.

Sometimes "daddy's love oil" wasn't necessary as the blessing was one of comfort and peace. When the children start a new school year, when they head off to scout camp, when life has one of us beaten and we need some extra direction. When a child is blessed, baptized, confirmed, or when the Priesthood is given to a son. We don't need the "oil" part of "Daddy's Love Oil" but we do need his love.

I never recall the words spoken in one of these blessings, but I always hear my husband says a phrase that tells me it truly is "Daddy's Love Oil." "Our Heavenly Father love you, knows you and is watching over you."

Elder Hales said, "A loving Father in Heaven has sent his sons and daughters here to mortality to gain experience and to be tested. He has provided the way back to him and has given us enough spiritual light to see our way. The priesthood of God gives light to his children in this dark and troubled world. Through priesthood power we can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to lead us to truth, testimony, and revelation. This gift is available on an equal basis to men, women, and children." (Ensign, Nov.1995).

Our Father in Heaven sent us here and gave us the Priesthood so that we could feel of His love when we need it the most. The Priesthood is truly "Daddy's Love Oil," and I thank Him for giving it to us and for a husband who is worthy to use it to bless the lives of my children and our family.