Chorus of Noise

Because it has been so warm lately, we have slept with our windows open at night. Come about four o'clock in the morning I am woken to a wonderful chorus of beautiful bird chirps. The primary song, "In the Leafy Tree Tops" enters my mind and I can't help but say, "Good morning" back to them.

This morning was no exception. The birds were out after a night of rain (that's another sound that I love) telling me it was morning and I should get up and welcome the day. Since it was Saturday, I just looked out the window and said, "Not today, I'm going back to bed." I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. I know it worked because the next thing I knew there was sounds coming from below me in the kitchen. These little "birds" were my own children. They were happy sounds. Sounds of children laughing at the comics in the newspaper. Sounds of them asking for the milk. Sounds of them discussing their reading from the night before. Sounds of them setting up today's pretend game they will be playing. Sounds of children waiting for parents to venture downstairs and crack the whip.

I did have to ring down and tell them to be a bit quieter as Steve and I wanted to sleep in just a little. It worked for a whole 30 seconds and then the decibels rose. Steve and I looked at each other and almost played rock, paper, scissors to see who got the shower first.

As much as I love the chorus of birds that wake me each morning in the spring, I love the chorus of sounds that wake me up three hours later that come from my kitchen.