My house is full of noise. With six children (five boys & one girl) I don't think there is ever a moment when our house is quiet. Even during the night someone is making noise. (I think there are at least four of us who snore & someone is always going to the bathroom.) I should also add that we have a four pound watch dog who takes his responsibility to bark at any noise very seriously. Just now he is barking because the boys just got back from skiing and they are making a lot of noise getting into the house. I don't mind the noise, I kind of like it. Of course having a silent moment every now and then would be nice, but I think I would miss the noise. I'll let you know when I get that moment.

Today, I spent four hours putting primer on the walls of Jessie's bedroom. During this time, Jessie made sure I had good music to listen to. I listened to the CD that has all the primary songs on it for this years sacrament program. I then listened to "My Little Pony" doing something with, princesses, rainbows and bracelets. I then listened to Barbie's "Princess and Pauper" music CD. Lastly I had the pleasure of listening to "Disney Princess." (Do you detect a theme with her?) Of course I had to listen very closely because she would be asking me questions about what was going on. I think she has listened closely in "class" and knows the trick of question asking to see if someone is listening. Of course I flunked today. My mind was thinking of other things primarily, "I'm so glad I'm not a painter for real; this sucks!"

When I was finished, we turned the CD player off and cleaned up. I then took up the power sander and sanded the old finish off her "new" bed. The power sander is quite loud and I soon began lost in my thoughts. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to get lost in noise. I like mowing the lawn for this reason. With the engine so loud you can't hear anyone who is talking to you. You are lost in your own thoughts.

In my head, I hear my own voice speaking. I actually like the sound of my voice when it speaks in my head. It is rather beautiful. I love the words it speaks. I have often written some wonderful letters and stories when there was a lot of noise around me. I'm just sorry I forget them as soon as the machine is turned off.

I drive a large van and the engine can sometimes do the same thing as a lawn mower. One trip in particular, I think I wrote the first three chapters to my "Great American Novel." I'm just really sorry I couldn't write and drive at the same time.

I wonder what my house will be like in 20 years when all my children are gone? Will there be grandchildren here to make noise? Will I miss the noise? Will I be making my own noise so I can think? (My mom has to have a radio on so she won't feel "alone.") Will I ever finish "The Great American Novel?" I don't know how much noise will my husband make---I'm sure not enough. Oh, well; maybe I won't be a writer after all.

Bring on the noise; I need to think.