My Plea - Let Them Sleep!

As our family has been fighting some pretty nasty coughs, I have a plethora of different cough syrups lining our medicine cabinet. As I gave a dose to a child I noticed that the bottle gave this warning, "will not cause drowsiness." Later that night I opened my personal medicine cabinet and noticed that out of the 5 medicines I take each night all but one said, "Caution, may cause drowsiness."

Now somehow this is all wrong. I don't know very many mothers who want their children to be awake when they are sick. I for one want my children to sleep when they are cranky, feverish, and down right not happy. I, on the other hand, NEED to stay awake when I'm sick. I need to drive the kids to their different activities and it is very hard to do that when your eyelids want to fall down and you have NO CONTROL over them. How can I fix dinner when I'm afraid to turn the stove on? I will just sit down at the kitchen table to check over the recipe and the next thing I know I'm awakened to the sounds of fire engines screaming down the road heading to my house.

When will the pharmaceutical companies get it straight? Children's medications need to be laced with drowsy stuff and parent's medications need non-drowsy stuff put in them. PLEASE for every mother out thereā€¦.let the sick children sleep.