My Love

To know me is to know that I love to read. I love to read just about anything and everything. I read history books, science books, cook books, boring books, boy books, girls books, western books, mystery books, alphabet books, picture books, photography books, thriller books, gospel books, sappy books, poetry books, travel books, phone books, quote books, spelling books, grammar books, books on books and any book. In fact to end a perfect date is to end with a trip to the book store. When my husband and I were still at school our favorite place was to end up at the library. It really hurts my feelings and I take it as a personal insult that our local library closes its doors at 6 pm on Friday nights. Don't they know that is where I want to hang out on Friday night!

I love to read so much I belong to two physical book clubs and a couple of online book clubs. I would go to more, but I just can't fit anymore books into my life when you consider that I have to read a couple books just for my homeschool.

I would love to write a book so I know what it is like to do it, but right now it isn't the time to write a book, just dreaming will have to suffice right now. But I did write a few poems about books.

My Library
by Doreen Blanding
Books are my friends, my confidants, my love.
They speak to me as if given from above.
They teach me of things close and far away,
Times gone past, people, and what they say.
They entertain and plant the seed
Of all the great things that I may need.

A Book
by Doreen Blanding
I read books by candle light.
I smile as tells are told.
I cry as loves are lost.
I scream as villains triumph.
I cheer as heroines conquer.
I chuckle at their folly.
I squirm as trouble comes.
I sleep when it is dull.
I turn the pages until,
I sob when the end comes.