Making it Mine

We moved about 9 months ago and left behind a home that we loved. It was a beautiful home and we were finally making it ours. My daughters room was painted and decorated. My bedroom was finally painted! Then we went and sold it! I wasn't going to wait another 8 years to start painting and then sell. So we are painting the kids bedrooms and will be working slowly to get the rest of the home put together.

Jessie was in a front bedroom with a very small closet. The other bedrooms were the boys and a storage room. I gave the largest room to the storage room, but it also had the best sized closet for a girl. So I had Steve pull the stuff out of the storage room, that also faced south so Jessie will finally get natural light in her bedroom. We painted it pink and pink. (I'll have pictures when we are finally done.)

The boys' bedrooms (there is a room within a room--trust me, you'll see what I mean when you see the pictures) needed to be painted. Chris and Matt's room (the big one) was orange. It really wasn't a bad color, but it just wasn't my color. The boys bought some new comforters and I picked the colors from that palette. The top color is a light tan (the earth), the bottom is a dark green (the grass) and a strip of blue (the water). In Mike's room, the small room in the back, is the same color, but his strip is cardinal. Steve thought that the blue and cardinal color made it look very less military.

Now this seems really great, but we had to prime both rooms (well, all three rooms). Jessie's new room was going from a deep tan to a lighter pink and the two boys' room was going from orange to the tan. Mike's room had wallpaper on it and we stripped it very early in our moving in (he didn't like the Little Mermaid wallpaper). The walls were properly primed (we haven't found that to be the case in our other house) so they weren't in sorry shape, but they were a pinkish white. I didn't realize it was "pink" until we put the pure white primer. The biggest obstacle was the smallness of his room, it is so small I can barely stand up in the center of the room--especially when we didn't take his bed out.

I took a lot of time to get this all done, more than I wanted it to, but that is my fault. Tonight I put on the last bit of touch up on the boys' rooms. Tomorrow I will put the furniture and stuff back in (my bedroom will be so relieved as it has had all the boy's clothes in it for almost two weeks now). After we get all the toys out of Jessie's room I will touch up her paint, Steve will put in a new closet and she will be all moved in….well almost. We still need to fix her new/old bed. But that is for another day, tonight I need to get to bed so I can put the kids' rooms back together.

Eventually this house will be room at at time.