When I was down in bed recovering from surgery and then an extra week with bronchitis I had a lot of time to sit and write poetry. Because he was constantly with me I wrote quite a few poems about our dog, Alex. (He also couldn't complain or gripe that I wrote something about him like his human siblings.) He truly is a very funny dog and does about all the things I wrote about here.

Hope you enjoy.

Alex (Haiku)
by Doreen Blanding
In the early spring
To those who chase cotton tails
Slumber comes easy

by Doreen Blanding
One day in walked a little fur ball
Ne’r did I think my heart would fill
With love for something so very small
He waits for me on the window sill
He has learned to be our friend
To run and fetch a tossed ball
He waits for all to come in the end
And chases leaves in the fall
He loves to keep us sound and safe
Barks at every sound at the gate
Even as our four pound waif
He thinks he’s Alex the Great.

by Doreen Blanding
Tiny, dog
Running, jumping, chasing
Canine, Terrier, Bunny, Hare
Hopping, munching, scurrying
Fluffy, Rabbit

Alexander the Great
by Doreen Blanding
I see him from a far chasing that bunny
All the time we laugh because he is so funny.
We watch him chase a leaf across the lawn
He even scratches glass trying to scare the fawn.
He is small in stature but can jump a large log
We love our Alexander because he is our dog.

The Attack
by Doreen Blanding
Upon his haunches he waits
Muscles rippling on his back
Yellow stained teeth ready to grab
Instinct tells him to bound and strike
The unexpected prey
A leaf