January 4, 2016, WE BE ON RIRE< FIRE< FIRE< FIRE?!!!!!!? FIIIIIRRRRRREEEEEEE! (think Melvin from Madagascar when he makes fire.)

Hi mom,

This has been a great week. We took 4 days and talked to about 500 people in those days, and for all of that, we had our most productive week in the area.

We started out with almost nothing, (1 on both Monday and Tuesday and barley scratching out 19 on Wednesday) but then we had a district meeting, and felt like we could do better at talking with everyone, so we set a goal to not let anyone pass us by on the street ever again... and we talked to 48 people that day. Then, we had a day of 141 on Friday (happy new year everyone) and to follow it up, we talked to 205 people on Saturday, and on Sunday we had 101 dalmatians.

From all of that talking, we had some fun stories and some really good stories, like a drunk man who ate our card when we gave it to him, and a black security guard who's 19, has a baby on the way, and let us teach him while he was working. I don't know if I could do it justice over the e-mail, but this week was one of the best I've had my whole mission. If you are serving (or will serve within the next few years (*Cough* Matt)) talk with everyone and things will workout for the best. We left from everywhere with plenty of time and talked to everyone on the way and not once were we late to an appointment that we could have been there for that actually happened.

Also, with President Henrie, we can go to baptisms of our old investigators, so this week we got to watch a Baptism. It was of R* N*. He's a man that I found my last week in Reseda with Elder Weinheimer, and last night he entered the waters of baptism, helped out by Elder Weinheimer. Miracle part, we almost didn't knock his door. His building was locked, so we were walking around it to go to our white area and we saw his door on the out side, so we knocked and he let us in. Fast forward about 6 weeks and he got baptized. Cool fact as well, He's from PUEBLA MEXICO!!!!! I have (or i guess had) a goal to help a pueblano enter into the waters of baptism and now I have (even if it was just one lesson to find him before being moved out) (#DunkingpueblanosaunenlosEstadosUnidos Como le gusta esas mansanas?)

The Puebla Guy

The Puebla Guy

That's about it for the weekly update on the life of Elder Blanding, I've set some goals for this year that I will send to you (mom) in a separate e-mail.

Elder Mike Blanding

Called to serve my King